How to start an online business can be done by beginners or those who already have a business before.

Making online business now is easier, many people want to be able to sell from home or anywhere without depending on place and time. But many still don’t know where to start and which tools to use. Here are some steps for your online business to be present on the internet properly.

  1. Create a shop on the marketplace

Your first product must be showcased in the marketplace first. Some of the most popular marketplaces in Indonesia today are Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, Blibli and Lazada. To open an online store in the marketplace, you need to verify your email, cell phone number and ID card so that you officially become a registered merchant.

The purpose of creating a store on the marketplace is to reach potential buyers and display the products you sell. In addition, the presence of your store in a marketplace gives an official impression that you are indeed a legit business. There are many cases of fraud from online transactions, especially on social media. Meanwhile shopping in the marketplace provides a sense of security for potential buyers. In addition, the marketplace offers many payment options and delivery services, thus also providing a convenience for both sellers and buyers.

  1. Create a social media account

After creating a store on the marketplace, the next step is to create a social media account. Some social media that are widely used in Indonesia are Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and Twitter. These social media can be used to showcase your products as well as to communicate with potential buyers who are interested in your products or services.

There are several types of media that you should pay attention to for every social media. For example for Youtube and Tiktok, you have to create video contents to promote your product. For Instagram you can create image or photo content and videos. Meanwhile on Twitter the content must be stronger in the text section. You can choose which social media you use, if you choose more options then there will be a better chance of attracting the attention of buyers. But keep in mind also that managing a variety of social media requires more time.

  1. Create a website

In addition to being on social media, you may also want your online sales to appear in search engines. For this to happen, you need to create a website to promote your products and business.

Just like setting up a shop in a marketplace, creating a website increases the trust of potential buyers. To promote your products, the website needs to provide useful articles related to the online selling products that you make. These articles are what will become the attraction and increase your product search in online search engines.

  1. Prepare a dedicated number and cell phone

A dedicated cell phone is needed so that your shop needs are not mixed with personal needs. By using a special number and cell phone for your business, you can create a neater business identity and administration.

This number and cell phone will only be used to manage the store on the marketplace, social media, as well as reply to messages on WhatsApp for Business and receive messages and calls.

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