Impact Accelerator Programmes

We help innovative non-profits and organizations solve pressing environmental issues by providing access to capacity-building workshops, expertise, and seed funds.

Our Impact Accelerator Programmes gives you access to


Bringing together our network of experts in the impact industry to guide and mentor our participants.


Nurturing entrepreneurial and organizational growth through curated modules including business management, digital literacy, real-world problem-solving skills, and more.


Providing seed funding to programme participants to further scale their projects and organisations.

Mentorship, training and funding empower participants with guidance, skills and resources to navigate challenges, grow entrepreneurial & organizational capabilities and achieve goals effectively. Together, these three elements work to support the growth and development of NGOs and social enterprises, helping them to maximize their impact and contribute to the overall progress towards achieving the SDGs.

Our Programmes

Environmental NGO Accelerator

Malaysia’s first environmental NGO Accelerator Programme, building a pool of highly effective, influential and synergetic environmental NGOs that will help to create transformative environmental change.

It is a structured 1-year accelerator to enhance the skills and organisational capacity of environmental NGOs based in Perak, specifically to:

  • Instill relevant skills and competencies of NGOs;
  • Growing organisational management skills;
  • Build digital capabilities;
  • Enhance technical expertise and communication strategies.

TEGAS Social Impact Accelerator

The Social Impact Accelerator is a programme tailor made for Sarawakians looking to bring their entrepreneurial projects and dreams into a reality.

Through exposure to digital skills, tools, resources, and mentors, this programme is designed to support startups and business ideas while maintaining themes of sustainability, outreach, and social impact.

Five Sarawakian impact businesses were trained and mentored in:

  • civic engagement
  • sustainable initiatives
  • design thinking

CIMB Entrepreneurship Development Programme

The purpose was to build entrepreneurial mindsets empowering NGOs to solve their own challenges through the following methods:

  • Gained guidance from business management tools through the Entrepreneurship Development Programme For NGOs.
  • Had access to incubators &
  • Had access to funding programmes


For participants to adopt a mindset shift through the creation of social enterprise models and business opportunity canvasses.

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