Practical Tips on Business Costing & Analysis

Every business activity requires financial management and financial reports. This is a transparency effort to show accountability and to explain financial conditions in detail to interested parties, such as investors, potential clients, or colleagues. Both MSMEs and large companies must have clear financial management and financial reports. If you need tips for financial management and […]

Understand the Proposal Making Process for Businesses and Enterprises

Every business plan requires a proposal to explain the idea in detail to interested parties, such as investors, potential clients, or colleagues. Proposals serve to provide the necessary information to make decisions about investment, partnerships, or funding. Proposals can also be used to convince interested parties that the business is viable and reliable. Business proposals […]

Tips Membuat Katalog Produk Menggunakan Microsoft PowerPoint

Jika kamu memiliki berbagai macam produk untuk ditawarkan maka ada baiknya untuk membuat katalog produk. Fungsi dari membuat katalog produk adalah agar kamu dapat memperlihatkan produk yang kamu punya secara terstruktur agar mudah dibaca. Hal tersebut membuat proses pencarian produk lebih mudah bagi konsumen dan membuat produk lebih menarik. Selain itu, pembuatan katalog produk dapat […]

The Importance of Managing Personal Finances

In today’s uncertain economy, managing personal finances is very important. Managing personal finances can help a person achieve their goals financially, such as buying a house, saving money for retirement, or managing debt. In addition, managing personal finances can also help a person to manage financial risks and reduce stress that may arise from financial […]

10 Things You Must Know When Making a CV 

For job seekers, CV (Curriculum Vitae) is important to inform the company about your background. Through a CV, companies can see your educational background, work experience, and whether your qualifications and competencies match the position you are applying for. The CV that you have created will be used by the company or organization as material […]

Personal Branding in the Digital Age

The digital era, which always records our digital tracks, is very competitive. Everyone needs to have personal branding so that they have distinctive characteristics compared to others. Personal branding means the process of forming an identity that is known so that it is easily remembered by others. This includes the perception one creates about oneself […]

What You Should Know for Interview Preparation

In facing interviews, sometimes tension can prevent you from bringing out your best potential. Therefore doing some preparation before the interview is very important because this will help you to prepare as well as possible. When you can control yourself then you can show seriousness in the interview. But this can only be obtained if […]

Learn Digital Marketing with Microsoft Until You Can Practice Yourself

Digital marketing is a marketing strategy that uses digital technology such as social media, websites and email to promote products or services to customers. In this day and age, various kinds of businesses are starting to move towards digital promotional media. So learning digital marketing is very important, because more and more people are using […]

Talking about Career and Administration with Microsoft

A business administrator role is important in a company. A good administration helps a company achieve its goals easier. Due to the value of the position, being an administrator is even more competitive today. Companies tend to look for human resources who are up-to-date and understand the ins and outs of today’s business world. However, […]

5 Steps to Start Business from Home

How to start an online business can be done by beginners or those who already have a business before. Making online business now is easier, many people want to be able to sell from home or anywhere without depending on place and time. But many still don’t know where to start and which tools to […]