About Biji-biji

Biji-biji is an impact-driven business founded in 2013 that wants to inspire and empower people to live more sustainably. 

Southeast Asia has come a long way in urban development and technology. We’ve got fast-growing cities, state-of-the-art buildings, and ever-expanding technologies. Yet, all this is severely damaging the environment. 

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Our actions and consumption habits are contributing to negative climate change. Statistics show that humanity is consuming more plastic than ever, causing more pollution than ever, and releasing more carbon dioxide than ever. 

What if we told you that you could do something about it? What if we told you that you could, through sustainable practices, slow down the negative impact of our actions?

Our Core Values

Articulate Intentions Through Action and Innovation

To be purposeful in all we do, to drive towards a common good

Be Bold and Creative in Breaking Boundaries

To think beyond the norm in problem-solving and reaching greater heights

Embody Humility and Authenticity

To be kind, real, and true to oneself and one another in any situation

Practice Resilience and Perseverence

To embrace change and challenges with grace and grit

Stand for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

To always strive for growth, individually and collectively, for humanity and the environment.


To democratise access to technology and knowledge to catalyse sustainable development


To provide access to technology and knowledge for all, to advance sustainable development

Our Promise

We aim to build and grow changemakers through our social and environmental impact accelerator programmes, by enabling access to education and innovative solutions, providing the platform to further strengthen the ecosystem.