A business administrator role is important in a company. A good administration helps a company achieve its goals easier.

Due to the value of the position, being an administrator is even more competitive today. Companies tend to look for human resources who are up-to-date and understand the ins and outs of today’s business world. However, there are still many job seekers who do not know what skills are needed to join the world of administration. At this time, there are still not many classes or learning resources that offer specific knowledge in the field of Business Administration for free to prepare for job vacancies.

To answer the challenges of recruiters and help job seekers, Microsoft Skills For Jobs has an initiative to hold an Accelerate Your Career As A Business Administrator class free of charge. This program is intended for anyone who wants to add insight and knowledge about the world of Business Administration. There are four main topics that will be given as well as practice for learners. Then there is a certificate if the learners is able to complete the lesson to the end with a sufficient value.

The four main topics that will be studied are:

  • Discussion of Fundamental Skills for Business Administrators

In the first main topic participants will learn the basics of the role of a business administrator in a company. So anyone who is interested in learning can follow from the beginning. You don’t have to come from a business administration major or have previous experience as an administrator.

  • Career Opportunities with Business Administration knowledge

This topic will discuss the career opportunities of a business administrator. At this time there are various opportunities available for resources who understand the science of business administration. Job opportunities are not limited to just being an administrator. At this time, business administrators can also hold positions such as executive assistant, C-level analyst, customer service, administration to secretary and various other positions with career path opportunities to become seniors and even head of department.

  • Developing Key Competencies To Become a Business Administrator

The discussion of this topic is to develop a deeper understanding and competence of learners than just fundamentals, so that they are ready to find work and be involved in the world of Business Administration. Some of the main competencies taught are taking notes, making presentations, providing suggestions and managing collaboration between employees digitally.

  • Improving Business Administration Knowledge

In the last main topic, participants will be challenged directly to hone the skills they have learned. So that not only theory, but also practical deepening with Microsoft Skills For Jobs content that can be accessed easily and can be studied independently.

Guided by trainers who are experts in their fields, they will help all of you to understand the material easily. The material provided is also in accordance with technological advances needed by job seekers and follows the needs of today’s companies. In addition to theory, practice related to Office 365 is also given which is useful to support work as a business administrator.

If you are interested in joining the Skills For Job program, just click https://sfj.biji-biji.com/id After registering, you can directly access various kinds of free content, without a penny. Learners who have participated in all the materials with sufficient grades will be given a certificate which can demonstrate your competence in the field of administration for your job search. Happy learning!