Reimagining Plastic Waste

We want to change how people value waste. When you get involved with Beyond Bins, you’re giving back to the planet and the people.

That’s what we stand for.

What is Beyond Bins?

Beyond Bins is our flagship programme that tackles the plastic waste issues whilst improving livelihoods of marginalised communities, inspired by the global project “Precious Plastic” by Dave Hakkens. Beyond Bins enables small-scale plastic recycling within trained communities, providing them with the means to generate additional income.

We believe that everyone should be able to have a chance at a better life. We’re doing that with every piece of plastic that is diverted from landfills and upcycled.

That’s the vision of Beyond Bins.

Provide small-scale plastic recycling machines to B40 Communities

Communities earn income through small-scale plastic recycling

Education on sustainable practices, machine training & entrepreneurship

Through Beyond Bins, we have found that our communities have developed positive behavioural changes towards recycling and place value to waste through the small-scale recycling machines.

It is recognised that Beyond Bins has become the asset of community stewardship in raising the awareness of community identity as part of the solution of a circular economy.

Our Beyond Bins communities no longer see waste as a non-value item but instead, as a vast potential to help them generate income.

Data extracted from our Social Return on Investment (SROI) report, validated by Social Value International, UK.

Download full report here.

Our Community Partners

PSPK is aimed at developing, empowering, educating and rehabilitating women within their community. The PSPK women are the first Community Leaders trained under the Beyond Bins programme.

Beyond Bins’ community outreach partner, Bohomys is a registered social enterprise on a mission to empower youths through upskilling and income-generating opportunities.

Impactlution plays vital roles in crafting environmental solutions for communities and organisations, sharing our same vision to promote sustainability through creative innovations. As a Beyond Bins Community Outreach Partner, Impactlution leads two marginalised communities

Do Your Part

A big part of our initiative is our partnership with corporate clients. Here’s how your brand can save the planet with Beyond Bins:

Ethical Products

Purchase your next corporate gift with us. They’re sustainable, made from 100% recycled plastic, and ethical. Every purchase contributes an income to the B40 community.

Learning Programmes

Gain sustainability and entrepreneurial skills through workshops and bootcamps. Suitable for your internal corporate teams, or opt to sponsor training sessions for our communities.

Join the Movement:

Do you part and join our growing network of businesses that have taken the step towards plastics circularity.

Learn more about the Beyond Bins journey

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Beyond Bins : How it all started

Juliana Adam, CEO of Biji-biji Initiative, shares how the idea of Beyond Bins came about.

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Sari’s Story

Meet Sari, one of the Beyond Bins Community Leaders, who plays a vital role in addressing the plastic waste issue within her community in Kg. Tengah.

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Learn the story behind Beyond Bins’ first community-led recycling hub, run by PSPK Women Development Center, Selayang.