Driving Sustainable Development 
through Technology & Education

We build and strengthen the ecosystem for sustainable development through enabling changemakers and impact leaders with access to knowledge and innovative solutions.

433 changemakers nurtured

57,100 empowered in our programs

138 impact projects created

Pioneering Sustainable Change: Our three core pipelines

Social Innovation

We support impact-driven entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to turn their innovative ideas into reality and achieve scalable growth, all while making a positive social impact.

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Impact Accelerators

We empower environmental organizations and MSMEs to achieve their full potential through targeted training, seed funding, and mentorship, with a focus on aligning their impact with the SDGs.

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Circular Economy

Our contribution to the circular economy is through Beyond Bins program, providing community-based plastic recycling solutions that create alternative income opportunities for marginalized communities, helping to reduce waste and build more sustainable communities.

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Shaping sustainable solutions through
the Biji-biji Impact Framework

Our programs are designed around these core focus areas, which have been identified as key growth factors for impact-driven organisations. The Biji-biji Impact Framework enables us to create sustainable, impactful solutions aligned to the individual goals of each project. It serves as a roadmap that enables our program participants to drive change effectively.

Effective communication is vital in promoting an organization’s purpose and impact. This focus area is designed to help our program participants create a robust communications plan and campaign strategy that promotes their initiatives to the wider public. Together, we evaluate user outreach metrics and identify any gaps that need to be addressed. The partnerships and collaborations that we secure enable our participants to achieve greater impact and reach new audiences.

This focus area is designed to help our participants evaluate the size and scale of the problems they aim to solve. We work with them to develop a Theory of Change that outlines the interventions required to achieve their goals. Our participants are then guided to set environment and social impact targets, which can be tracked and evaluated throughout the program. By setting clear goals and measuring progress, our participants can ensure that their efforts are aligned with their mission.

Technology is a powerful tool that can help organizations drive change and achieve their impact goals. Our Technology Adoption focus area helps our participants leverage the latest technological advancements to create innovative solutions. We help with digital transformation and website support, enabling our participants to enhance their online presence and attract a bigger audience. We also provide access to tech for impact creation and tracking, including IoT and digital platforms, as well as creating database models for impact tracking, enabling our participants to measure and report their progress effectively.

The Talent Development focus area is designed to help our participants develop their organizational capabilities and achieve their goals. We provide an internal learning and development plan that identifies knowledge gaps and provides training to help fill those gaps. Our participants will gain access to technical experts and mentors who can guide them on their journey. Our program also enables community capacity development that allows our participants to connect with other impact entrepreneurs, building a support network that can help them drive impact.

Organizational growth is vital to ensure that impact organisations such as social enterprises and NGOs can continue to drive impact and achieve their mission. Our Organization Growth focus area is designed to help our participants create a funding strategy and pitch to potential funders. We help them identify revenue and sales channels that will enable them to scale their impact effectively. Our programs also provide recognition and access to larger programs, enabling our participants to build their reputation, reach new audiences, and grow their funding pool.

Work Towards A Greater Good.

We help innovative organizations and businesses solve pressing sustainability issues by providing access to capacity-building workshops, expertise, and seed funds.

Hundreds of innovative, impact-driven organizations at the grassroots with unique solutions are waiting to be mobilized. To scale, they need guidance and support to grow their capabilities and develop strategies for long-term organisational plans.

Play your part to help us enable these impact organisations. We can curate custom programs based on your goals, through our expertise below.

Impact Program Design

Our expertise involves creating tailored programs and strategies that address your organisations’ specific objectives and goals. We carefully craft programs to drive positive change and align with your vision for sustainable impact.

Instructional Design

Instructional Design is at the core of our ability to educate and empower. We specialize in creating effective, learner-centric content and training materials that engage, inform, and inspire. Our instructional design ensures the program participants gain the knowledge and skills they need.

Implementation & Impact Tracking

We excel in the practical implementation of programs and have a robust system for tracking and measuring their impact. Our implementation process ensures your initiatives are executed efficiently, while our impact tracking helps you gauge the outcomes and benefits achieved, supporting data-driven decision-making.

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Empowering Social Entrepreneurs to Drive Positive Change in Malaysia with SEAM

In an inspiring collaboration, Biji-biji Initiative and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship launch the Social Enterprise Accelerator Malaysia (SEAM) to empower social enterprises and foster sustainable development. This initiative aims to bridge critical resource gaps and support marginalized communities across Malaysia. Join us in this transformative journey as we strive to create impactful change and drive a global movement towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Rising Stars: Shaping Education for the Future in Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, YSEALI alumni Krittanan Punch and YouEang Hoeurn are transforming education by tackling communication barriers and fostering inclusivity. Krittanan leverages his role as a lecturer to enhance language skills in Thailand, while YouEang champions educational equality in Cambodia through community and policy engagement. Their combined efforts exemplify the powerful impact of dedicated leadership on improving access to quality education and building a more equitable future.

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