#MicrosoftGigStories 2020 Highlights

microsoft gig economy

Evolution is paramount to humanity. As we face new challenges, experiences and opportunities, we nurture, grow and evolve. Such is the case with the Gig Economy. In a time of a global pandemic that was able to halt regular business activities and blindside the norms of employment, we are presented with a new opportunity. Through the gig economy, those that lost their jobs and streams of income were now able to leverage their skills and capabilities by capitalising off them in the open market.

Biji-biji Initiative, in partnership with Microsoft, launched a Linkedin campaign to raise awareness about the Gig Economy, wishing to highlight the individuals charting their own paths toward the future of work. We asked the community to share their stories and found 3 amazing individuals with their own unique experiences working within the Gig Economy. 

Congratulations to Marha Saifuddin, Quah Jit, and Jia Xin NG – the three winners of the #MicrosoftGigStores!

Do take a look at their submissions below and reach out to them on LinkedIn for support and collaboration!

The Gig Economy may be viewed as an individualistic approach to employment, but in reality, it harnesses a decentralised network of resources, skills and expertise. 

Communal support and capacity will drive this progressive industry. As we always say, we cannot use the methods of the past to solve the problems of the future. The rising Gig Economy is positioned to be a meaningful opportunity to tackle the challenges within the future of work.

The winners of #MicrosoftGigStories 2020!

Marha Saifuddin | Entrepreneur & Designer

Quah Jit | Mechatronics Engineer

Jia Xin NG | Freelance Sales Promoter

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