E-hailing | Fueling the Gig Workers Driving our Future Economy

The rise of the gig economy The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic was paralleled by the incredible growth of the gig economy. While the gig economy was perceived as a secondary source of income or an avenue for those who could not succeed within the regular workforce, it now is steadily becoming the backbone of […]

#MicrosoftGigStories 2020 Highlights

microsoft gig economy

Evolution is paramount to humanity. As we face new challenges, experiences and opportunities, we nurture, grow and evolve. Such is the case with the Gig Economy. In a time of a global pandemic that was able to halt regular business activities and blindside the norms of employment, we are presented with a new opportunity. Through […]

Beyond Bins – The Story

We love sowing seeds, especially seeds of sustainability. That was the very inspiration for calling ourselves, Biji-biji. If you are unfamiliar, Biji-biji means seeds in Bahasa Malaysia!  Beyond Bins is the seed we are sowing to tackle our plastic waste issue. By providing a circulative supply and demand chain between the community, industry players and […]