Collaboration With PERKESO And Prison Department Malaysia (Wardens)

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21 & 22 August 2023, Selangor – A three way collaboration took place between Microsoft, PERKESO and Prison Department Malaysia for the first time at Maktab Penjara Kajang. 29 Prison Wardens from across Malaysia were selected and invited to attend the Train The Trainers (TTT) program under Microsoft Skills For Jobs that paves ways for future workshops at other prison centers across Malaysia. 

The 2-day workshop was packed with Microsoft tools, soft skills and modules that could be utilized by the wardens to retrain selected inmates in the existing PERKESO and Prison Department Malaysia’s reintegration efforts for the soon-to-be-released inmates under this collaboration. The workshop was marked as successful as it achieved its aim to equip the wardens with relevant skills to retrain inmates while also assisting them to be further digitally upskilled, which should translate to their increased efficiency and productivity level while navigating current technologies in this evolving world.

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