Circular Solutions
Closing the loop and bringing solutions in recycling and managing waste

This project tackles the plastic waste problem through innovative and self-sustaining solutions for the communities. Beyond Bins introduces small-scale plastic recycling solutions, at the same time promoting an alternative source of income to the community through the production & re-selling of recycled products.

The Machine


This small-scale recycling machines enables users to shred and mould plastic, and consists of the plastic shredder, an extruder, and an injection moulder. Inspired and built by the open-source blueprint of the Precious Plastic Project by Dave Hakkens.




 The recycled products made are the end result of the shredded plastic. These are made out of 100% plastic waste and are designed based on customised needs. The shredded plastic are heated up in the injection moulder into a specially-designed mould, bringing an end result of beautifully crafted recycled plastic products.



 The main beneficiaries are the underserved communities that will be empowered to recycle and produce new products made of plastic waste. Beyond Bins, alongside other community partners, work with those from remote villages with lack of access to recycling facilities, orang asli villages and islands. The communities gain also through educational programmes and awareness to instil a sustainability mindset.

Bigger Picture

The Beyond Bins project set out with a mission to achieve behavioural change and a mindset shift towards sustainability. We made the decision to start by tackling the plastic waste issue which makes up a big part of the overall problem. 

Beyond Bins has a greater goal, which is to tackle sustainability challenges, making the programme applicable across different fields. With Beyond Bins, we aim to spread awareness on the importance of feeding back recyclables into the circular system which is crucial for sustainable development. In the future, we see this work evolving beyond plastic, to tackle other recycling challenges as well. 

At the heart of it, we want to tackle the thorny issue of behavioral change and ignite new ways of living. Ultimately, we want everyone to reimagine our everyday consumption habits and make small but important changes to their lifestyle. We cannot pretend that our planet doesn’t need saving, now more than ever.

Get Involved

Here is how YOU and your brand can get involved with Beyond Bins and play your part in tackling the plastic waste issue:

  • Ethical Purchasing of corporate gifts / giveaways, through products made out of recycled plastic whilst providing an alternative income to the engaged communities
  • Event-based machine rentals to promote sustainability
  • Start your own journey towards sustainability and recycling by placing the Beyond Bins machines at your space


Speak to us further for customised campaigns and projects

Waste Management

Our waste management services cover key aspects in bringing sustainability to your events and on-ground activations. We provide a variety of recycling and compost bins to segregate waste including plastic, food & liquid waste, as well as working with your vendors to ensure sustainable practices are looked into holistically throughout your event. In line with creating awareness and creating a mindset shift, these services come with engaging and relatable communication materials. Speak to us to see how together we can bring your sustainability game to the next level.

Waste to Art Installations

Our custom art installations have been one of our most recognisable works. We constantly strive to push the limits of our imagination to conceive the solutions of tomorrow. We work with the waste materials, be it industrial or consumer waste, to craft engaging and beautiful pieces with an ethical story behind it.

Our Waste to Art installations have made Biji-biji a household name in this arena, having been displayed at festivals, shopping malls, events, townships and even on a helipad.

Get in touch to have your very own, specially designed art installation.

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