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Beyond Bins by Biji-biji Initiative is all about the people and planet.

This campaign strives for a sustainable and circular economy by giving waste a newfound value while promoting alternative sources of income to underprivileged communities.

Circular solutions comprise a big part of the new paradigm for sustainable development. With Beyond Bins, we embody the practicality of sustainability; we are excited to involve you in this movement.

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How it Works

The recycling machine, inspired and built by the open-source blueprint of the Precious Plastic Project by Dave Hakkens, will be placed at the identified communities with a period of training.

Using the machine, the makers of the communities will shred and mould plastic to create beautiful, 100% recycled plastic products and instil a sustainability mindset.

The Product

We offer a variety of customizable products to suit your needs.

The products range from notebooks, coasters, clothespins, customized award plaques, handles, keychains, and flower pots.


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The Circular Solution

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Beyond Bins is all about the people and the planet.

That is why we aim for a circular economy through the supply and demand of recycled waste. 

The machines will be placed at communities to produce recycled products after a period of training and guidance. 

Corporate orders form an alternative source of income for communities and opportunities to build lasting relationships.

At the heart of it, Biji-biji Initiative is the enabler in bridging the communities, corporate clients, industry players, and governmental organizations in empowering circular solutions to the plastic waste issue.

Communities Engaged: The Supply 

Alongside other community partners, we work with those from remote villages with a lack of access to recycling facilities, Orang Asli villages, and islands.

We also hope to reach out to other marginalised communities and housing settlements, including low-cost housing areas (PPR, KPKT), B40 income groups, schools, and more.

The communities will stand to gain through educational programmes and awareness to instil a sustainability mindset.


The Impact

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plastic waste converted to products

Our Past Clients

Get Involved

Here’s how you and your organisation can step in and lend a helping hand.

  • Ethical purchasing of corporate gifts of 100% recycled products that provide an alternative income to the engaged communities
  • Promote sustainability to your followers through interactive on-ground engagements
  • A customised educational campaign emphasizing plastic waste awareness and community sustainability

Keeping up with Biji-biji Initiative

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Waste to Art Installations

Our custom art installations have been one of our most recognisable works. We constantly strive to push the limits of our imagination to conceive the solutions of tomorrow. We work with the waste materials, be it industrial or consumer waste, to craft engaging and beautiful pieces with an ethical story behind it.

Our Waste to Art installations have made Biji-biji a household name in this arena, having been displayed at festivals, shopping malls, events, townships and even on a helipad.

Get in touch to have your very own, specially designed art installation.

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