The Power of Water

For Urbanscapes 2015, we curated an entire area with the theme “The Power of Water”. The space included a 6m high interactive Water Tower mostly made out of bamboo, our home-built aquaponics invention, projection mapping on a Geodesic Dome and an educational campaign on saving water.

Birdwing Helipad

During Genting’s 2015 renovations, Biji-biji built a wing of the bird, entirely created from waste materials found in Genting’s storage facility. This unique upcycling project saw the inclusion of old casino chairs, a decommissioned transformer and bits and pieces from the old theme park demolition.


This interactive installation known as Jamboo was integrated with various bamboo instruments for the audience to jam on. It included the angklung, a xylophone, a hanging sun drum, and pipe drums.

Camp Benih FBP

A series of workshops conducted across Malaysia, which emphasised different hands-on & entrepreneurship skills, instilling skills on Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Living and Electronic Engineering. Engagement: 800 youths across 3 regionsMaterials saved from landfill:300 kg of scrap metal953 pieces pallet wood30 plastic bottles

Rainforest World Music Festival

Curated waste & food waste management campaign at the globally-renowned music festival. Engagement: 80 direct impact volunteers and up to 15,000 festival-goers reached Materials saved from landfill: 299 kg plastics 94 kg biodegradable tableware 169 kg paper 1,254 kg food waste 250 kg cans 43 kg oil (these three were turned into bio-protein) 582 glass […]

Evolution of Man

The Evolution of Man is a series of 3 waste-art sculptures, built to represent the different stages of man’s evolution: making fire, inventing the wheel and creating digital technology. These sculptures were made out of metal and other upcycled items and is still on display at MyTown, Cheras.

Concrete Jungle

The “jungle” consisted of interactive trees made of reflective material with the purpose of highlighting the surroundings and to make the audience aware of certain issues in connection to the concrete jungle we live in.

Ocean Maze

This installation featured an interactive maze filled with sea creatures made from waste for World Oceans Day, in collaboration with MareCet.