Are you working to make Perak a better place? Unlock your potential and make a bigger impact!

The Environmental NGO Accelerator Programme aspires to build, scale and accelerate a pool of highly effective, influential and synergetic environmental NGOs that will serve as a catalyst to create transformative environmental change.

This programme is tailor-made for NGOs with a project presence in Perak to enhance your skill sets and organisational capacity by :

  • Improving organisational performance and management
  • Building technological and digital capabilities within the organisation
  • Increasing technical expertise
  • Enhancing communication strategies to increase engagement with the public, funders and policy makers
  • Developing a comprehensive strategic plan

RM 150K

Pool of Seed Grant

RM 120K

Value in Digital Brand Presence

6 Months


Programme Benefits

Participating NGOs will benefit through:

Seed Funding

A pool of RM150,000 funds will be awarded to organisations that are able to demonstrate and successfully pitch for a sustainable strategic plan to scale your projects.

Exclusive Digital Presence Strategies

Benefit from a total of RM120,000 value worth of digital marketing transformation and hand-holding experience alongside with digital marketing industry experts to further enhance your organisation’s digital presence strategies.

You will gain guidance and support in your website optimisation, and digital marketing campaigns development to drive online traffic, build followers and increase engagements with your stakeholders.

Programme Timeline

Our Programme Journey

Phase 1

November 2021


A pool of RM150,000 funds will be awarded to organisations that are able to demonstrate and successfully pitch for a sustainable strategic plan to scale your projects.

Phase 2



The Journey Begins!

The Environmental NGO Accelerator Programme is a 6-month journey that helps to grow and train participating NGOs with a series of sessions and close consultation.

  • 12 comprehensive workshops featuring:
    • Digital transformation and empowerment
    • Business management
    • Leveraging digital communication skills and strategies
  • 6 action-learning sessions with industry experts to further strengthen the
    learnings from the training workshops
  • Self-guided learning through reading materials, on-the-job assignments and
  • Trainer support and peer-learning sessions.

Phase 3

June - December 2022


The selected NGOs will undergo a 6-month mentorship programme to assist in nurturing the entrepreneurial mindset. It will also provide an opportunity to develop and implement plans. Participating NGOs will be able to access the support of an entire network of experienced practitioners in the field.

Programme Criteria

The Environmental NGO Accelerator Programme is targeted to both non profit and for-profit organisations with an environmental-related project presence in Perak, Malaysia.

Do you have what it takes to join us?


Yes, if you plan to register at least by February 2022. We can also help you with that process.

Yes, this programme prioritises young organisations; but if you think your organisation can benefit from the workshops, do apply.

Yes, if your organisation is planning to implement any environmental related project in Perak.

Yes, if you want to turn your work into something bigger, and your group is able to commit to the project you want to implement.

Yes, you don’t need the full proposal yet, but you should know what project you would like to run. We will work with you throughout the programme.

No. The RM150K pool of seed fund is for 15 participating organisations. On average, about RM10K-RM15K per organisation.

It is a 12 months long programme starting from January 2022; 6 months long of workshops and learning sessions, and 6 months of mentorship.

It will not be an everyday, full dya workshop and sessions for 12 months long. On average about 8-10 hours per month. We will arrange for the training sessions to best accommodate the participants’ timing. Participants will be expected to attend the training sessions, as well as complete real-world assignments directly and specifically related to their own organisations/projects. Mentoring sessions (the last 6 months of the programme), will be arranged according to participants’ availability.

If you have more questions you wish to clarify, please contact us at [email protected]

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