Get Ready For the Gig Economy

In partnership with Microsoft and other community partners, our team at Biji-biji Initiative presents a comprehensive programme tailored to youths interested in the gig community in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s Gig Economy

With the rise of digital platforms and preference for flexible working hours, a gig economy is increasingly recognised as an emerging form of employment in Malaysia.

According to the World Bank Data, about 25.1% of Malaysians are self-employed in 2020, and this number may increase as more Malaysians favor freelancer project-based hires. 

This year, the rising of the gig economy raises concerns about the welfare, security, and development provided for the gig community, which comprises part-timers looking to make extra money outside of their day job as well as full-time devotees making a living solely from on-demand work. 

What are the Challenges Gig Workers Face?

According to REFSA, Malaysian gig workers face social and economic adversaries, such as: 

  • Not being able to earn a living wage; 
  • Not entitled to social security benefits (i.e., the Employees Provident Fund (EPF)); 
  • Being excluded from regulation protecting fundamental principles and rights at work; 
  • Unable to form labor unions; and 
  • Not being identified by the government 

Skills and Knowlege Are Imperative for the Gig Economy

Juliana Adam, the Chief Executive Officer of Biji-biji Initiative, emphasises the need for young individuals to equip themselves with skills and knowledge before diving into the gig economy.

“We’ve seen a steady growth of gig workers in Malaysia, with many younger professionals stepping into this pool,” says Juliana. “We want to help them with the security of their future – in valuing and pricing their services right, managing financial security, as well as providing them with a vast array of certifications to further enhance their portfolio.

“We hold the same vision with Microsoft in building a stronger future for professionals in the gig economy – the programme is a great start for individuals, especially in the B40 communities, to begin their journey as a gig worker.” 

Biji-biji Initiative Introduces The “Digital Skills and the Gig Economy Employability Programme” 

Treading into the gig economy without prior knowledge while managing a gig profile can be challenging.

At Biji-biji Initiative, we aim to train and upskill in a total of about 500 youths, graduates from the B40 communities, and budding professionals interested in building a viable gig career through a partnership with Microsoft and Petrosains, along with our gig community partners, Workana, Rtist,, and HeroKita.

With the concerns of individuals participating in the gig economy in mind, this partnership brings forth an exciting upskilling programme specifically for individuals interested in establishing a sustainable and professional gig profile. 

What the Programme Offers

The Digital Skills and Gig Economy Employability Programme is a hybrid programme.

It combines a series of webinars, forums, along with a physical workshop on personal branding, gig welfare and risk management, project management as well as sorting finances, helping them to kickstart a gig career successfully.

The Digital Skills and Gig Economy Employability Programme offers: 

  • 50 Microsoft Office Professionally Certified Exam Voucher provided by Microsoft 
  • Webinars to upskill gig community to build a sustainable career 
  • Forums with gig community partners and  design thinking workshopa to discuss issues on the gig economy  

Details of the Webinars and Workshops

Webinars (Online) : 
Personal Branding 17th October 2020 
Marketing as Freelancers24th October 2020 
Risks within the Gig Economy25th October 2020
Project Management31st October 2020
Managing Self as a Freelancer7th November 2020
Managing Finance as a Freelancer14th November 2020
Design Thinking Workshop & Forum (Physical) 15th November 2020 

At Biji-biji Initiative, we are excited about the prospects of a digital and gig economy – we believe aspiring individuals will be able to fully benefit from this course!

Ready to begin? Head on to the site here to get started!

For any inquiries, please reach out to: 

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