5 Creative Ways to Upcycle Plastic

Millions of plastic goods are thrown away each day. Our dependence on them makes reusing and upcycling plastic essential for the health of the planet. So what can we do?

Here are 5 creative ways to reuse and upcycle plastic:

Make a DIY plastic bottle planter.

One great way to repurpose plastic bottles is to create planters for your own home or office! It’s so easy and looks cool, especially if you hang a bunch of them together to create your own vertical garden. Learn how to make them here.

2. Turn bottle caps into fridge magnets.

Use your creative and artistic skills to turn your bottle caps into cool fridge magnets. This is a good way for you to enhance your home decor or as gifts to give your friends. Quick, cheap and simple! Check out the tutorial here.

3. Turn single-use plastic shopping bags into a basket or a rug.

A majority of single-use plastic bags can’t be recycled, but there are other ways that we can use them. Trim and cut those bags up into plarn (‘Plastic Yarn’). Weave/crochet them into baskets, grocery bags, tote bags or doormats. This is a good way for you and your friends to learn how to crochet. Watch the tutorial here.

4. DIY greenhouse with plastic bottles.

This one’s a great practical project for your whole family or group of friends. Turn your used plastic bottles into a greenhouse! This will take time and a bit of effort however, it is fun to do and the result is incredible. Truly an elegant solution to having fresh produce from your own garden all year round. A step-by-step guide for building one here.

5. Make your own plastic bottle lantern/shade.

If we haven’t already proven that plastic can be upcycled into just about anything, let’s settle it. When you’re finished with your plastic bottles, plastic milk cartons, plastic cups, plastic spoons or even honey bear bottles, get ready to brighten up your room or patio with this! Decorate as you like and then, top it off with a solar powered light, a motion sensor light or fill it with twinkle lights. More information available herehere or here


Want to learn more or find out other ways to upcycle plastic waste? Check out our education hub, Me.reka Makerspace. Our team of expert trainers provide an open-source education platform that advocates for learning outside the traditional classroom paired with unconventional fun! And the best part is that there’s something for everyone: students, educators, corporates, parents and kids.

Also, at Biji-biji, we are constantly exploring ways to solve problems regarding plastic waste. Watch the first episode of the Re-Imagine Consumption series to see how we try to understand the current plastic issue, and how we can integrate our principles into helping the community.

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