Learning data analytics and becoming a data analyst is a dream for many people today. Various industries have been opening career opportunities for this role following the internet, But there are some interesting things you need to know before diving into the world of data.

  1. Anyone Can Become a Data Analyst

Turns out, anyone can become a data analyst! The position of data analyst is not only held by graduates in mathematics, statistics or information technology. Everyone has the opportunity to become a data analyst as long as they have the required skill set. The most important thing is not to be afraid of data! Because a data analyst will meet a lot of data.

The fundamental ability that you must prepare to become a data analyst is to understand how to collect data. You can use a database that you own or by searching for the data yourself. Then the data needs to be sorted from the invalid information to make an accurate decision making. After that, a data analyst looks up any information found from the data. Finally visualize it properly so that the data is easy to digest and can be communicated to the relevant stakeholders.

  1. Data Analyst Salary and Career

According to Indeed, one of the global job portals, the average salary of a data analyst reaches an average of 69 million per year to 105 million per year. Data analyst vacancies are available in various major cities in Indonesia such as Surabaya, Denpasar, Yogyakarta and especially Jakarta. The salary also has the potential to increase in line with the career length of a data analyst.

Data analyst vacancies in Indonesia are experiencing a shortage of talent despite the large demand. This great demand is because the position of data analyst is needed by many companies from various industries such as banking, retail, telecommunications, or health. In the future, the demand for data analysts will increase as the role is not tied to one industry.

If you are serious about learning data analytics, then you have to fulfill the required skill set. Then there is a great opportunity to become a data analyst! And if you already understand data analytics you can also be a market researcher, business intelligence analyst, product research and others. Interesting right? Learning data analytics can broaden your job opportunities.

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