In facing interviews, sometimes tension can prevent you from bringing out your best potential. Therefore doing some preparation before the interview is very important because this will help you to prepare as well as possible. When you can control yourself then you can show seriousness in the interview. But this can only be obtained if you continue to forge yourself through earnest practice.

Here we summarize some preparations and tips that you can dig up before the interview so you are ready to nail that interview.

1. Know more about the company and the position you applied for.

Knowing the position and company you are applying for will be easier for you to answer questions by the interviewer. Exploring further about the position you are applying shows that you have knowledge in the position so that you can fill the job properly according to what the company wants. Meanwhile, knowing about the company makes you get a plus points for your interest in working at the company. You can do research online or ask the people who work at the company to get more information needed during an interview.

2. Prepare appropriate answers to questions that may be asked.

You can find out what questions are frequently asked in interviews and are tailored to the position and company you are applying for. Preparing the right answers will help you not to be nervous. When you have rehearsed many times, you can answer immediately and accurately during the interview.

3. Practice answering questions with friends or family.

After doing your research and finding out about the questions and answers, you should practice the new knowledge you get. This can help you get used to answering the questions and prepare yourself the best for the interview. By practicing with friends or family you are doing a real interview. In addition, friends or family can provide useful feedback and suggestions after doing the exercises.

4. Prepare the right dress codes.

Some companies implement online interviews, but some other companies expect your presence in-person. Determine what type of interview you will be having. If you are required to do a face-to-face interview, you must pay attention to the outfit you will wear. Find out in advance about the culture in the company that you applied for. Do not wear clothes that are excessive or inappropriate. Choosing the right outfit will show that you are serious and ready for the interview. Make sure to wear a neat outfit and in accordance with the company regulations.

5. Prepare the necessary documents.

Be sure to bring copies of your CV, certificates and other documents needed during the interview. This will make it easier for the interviewer to check and consider your qualifications. If the interview is conducted online, make sure you put the file in a place that is easy to find while making sure the size is not too large, so it is easy and fast to send to the interviewer.

These points are just a few of the important things you should know. There are more tips and info for interviews at You can find out more about the interview with Microsoft Skills for Jobs at the link. There will be guidance by experts in their fields whose knowledge can help you to face the job interview you want. Learning is free and you will be certified once you successfully complete the task. Upgrade yourself and get ready for interviews and new job!