Circular Solutions
The term ‘circular economy’ is quickly gaining traction in Southeast Asia, and elsewhere around the world. Moving past the rhetoric and greenwashing, Circular Solutions has been deeply rooted in the ethos of circular economy by creatively finding approaches to close the loop in our current take-make-waste model.

We have come a long way in capturing and appreciating the true value of materials. From experimenting with creative ways to reuse materials, building our interactive, thought-provoking installations and upcycled furniture, to introducing new products from waste materials. Our experience and connections to the world of waste opened our eyes to reimagine the possibilities.

Circular Solutions is exactly as the name says; we provide complete, one-stop solutions to single-use plastic, recycling and managing waste.

Our current projects target corporations and businesses with the aim of closing the loop via waste management by engaging rural communities who are already practicing sustainability in their own right. We strongly believe in involving these individuals as they have the know-how and practical experience that complements our knowledge and skills. Our current solutions include machines like the plastic shredder inspired by the Precious Plastic movement available under the Beyond Bins programme.

Circular Solutions is a big part of the new paradigm for sustainable development. We embody the practicality of sustainability and are eager to involve you in the movement.

Waste Management

Waste management is no laughing matter, especially when it comes to food waste in this country. It is estimated that Malaysians produce 38,000 tonnes of waste per day, and from that, about 15,000 tonnes make up food waste. We see this a huge opportunity for us to intervene at a macro level and provide waste management services which include options of vendor management (prior to your event) as well as volunteer management (during your event). 

Our waste management services cover key aspects such as placement of recycling and compost bins around the event grounds, a variety of bins that include plastic, food and liquid waste, communication materials and signage, on-site collection of recyclables, a detailed sustainability report and other equally important features.