What is our September plan?

Hello Johoreans! We will be visiting your beautiful state!

Let us tell you what and wherewe’ll be appearing! We’re doing lots of different stuffs the next three weeks, so check out which ones you’d not want to miss! There are workshops too and we guarantee you won’t be leaving empty handed.

You can find us in 3 places. The first stop would be at Avira Sales Gallery by E&O on 10of September. For this round, we will be holding 2 types of workshops; the terrarium workshop and the chopstick lamp workshop. Simple yet fun workshops that uses stuff you can always find at home! Don’t worry, we will provide everything, so you don’t have to look through those kitchen drawers or pay an extra cent for it. We will also be featuring an upcycling showcase!

The next stop would be at ISKarnival Kreatif in Medini Mall on 17of September where we are going to display our interactive creations; the Bicycle Juicer, Singing Plant and also, the Musical Laser Instrument. There are so many things to do besides what we’re putting up; a film showcase, interactive arts, live music gigs and so much more. And it is all free! Not only that, we are calling all potential collaborators to work with us in producing more and more awesome work. Curious to know more? Come over and find out yourself! Or call up our RnD ‘

And finally, we’ve come to telling you what we’re most excited about! We’re putting up a big installation! The first of its kind, a musically interactive installation made out of bamboos! A public jamming session to bring out the musician that undeniably exists in everybody! It is going to bring people together with some natural harmonies! Under the bamboo hut, we have a wind chime, a xylophone, drums, an angklung and a tambourine; and of course, made of components you can find in the household. We’ll be calling the installation, ‘JamBoo’. LOL!

A little sneak peak for the curious cats on what we are building!

Hope to see all you lovely southern seedlings!

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