This Women’s Day 2021, Women of Fair Trade Choose to Challenge Inequality

On Women’s Day 2021 this 8th of March, Biji-biji Initiative invites you to join Fair Trade’s Women’s Day challenge. Let’s celebrate the #WomenOfFairTrade in your enterprise and community who #ChooseToChallenge inequality. Complete the challenge by posting photos and videos of the women in your organisation from the 1st to the 8th of March 2021, with […]

#MicrosoftGigStories 2020 Highlights

microsoft gig economy

Evolution is paramount to humanity. As we face new challenges, experiences and opportunities, we nurture, grow and evolve. Such is the case with the Gig Economy. In a time of a global pandemic that was able to halt regular business activities and blindside the norms of employment, we are presented with a new opportunity. Through […]