How much did we recycle in 2020?

Recycling bins

Photo by Nareeta Martin on Unsplash Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Echoing chants every year on earth day, holding up banners of green earth with the patches of blue and devoting ourselves to the environmental cause. From separating our trash in different coloured bins, encouraging our friends and family to bring their canvas tote […]

How the circular economy is the answer to post-Covid recovery


The detrimental implications of the COVID-19 pandemic were felt worldwide, from overwhelmed health care systems in even the most developed nations to highlighting the gaps of inequality in our society. As such, we can all agree on one thing— our current systems are not working for businesses, people, or the environment. The pandemic has made […]

Designing waste out of products – the circular economy for climate action

designing waste out of products

On average, the lifespan of an iPhone is about 4 years before it is eventually replaced with a newer model, perpetuating the concept of planned obsolescence and the consequence of amounting e-waste. The clothes we buy and wear face similar fates after a period of time. Globally, an estimated 92 million tonnes of textiles waste […]

5 Circular Economy Initiatives Around the Globe

What is a circular economy? According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. In a circular system, materials can be reused for other things across different lifetimes so that ultimately, no waste is […]

Our Best Efforts May Not Completely Curb Plastic Waste

despite our best efforts we may not completely curb plastic waste

Plastic permeates into the far-reaching corners of our lives; many of the products we use every day are either made out of plastic or has components of plastic. The discourse on plastic pollution has not yet changed. Plastic pollution remains ubiquitous, spanning every nook and cranny of the world – in the atmosphere, our oceans, […]

Beyond Bins: an Introduction

About six years ago, we started as a community upcycling project. Now, Beyond Bins is a full-fledged programme aiming to achieve a circular economy.   We bring together the underprivileged communities, industry players, and our partners as enablers of this programme. Welcome to Beyond Bins by Biji-biji Initiative. ​Beyond Bins is about the people and the […]