3 Reasons You Should Upskill and Reskill in 2020

upskill and reskill

In the fast-paced, tech-driven world we thrive in today, it has become undeniably important to upskill and reskill yourself. Upskilling is a workplace trend that facilitates continuous learning by providing training programs and development opportunities that expand an employee’s abilities in their current job role. On the other hand, reskilling is the development of additional […]

Borneo Rainforests – Conservation by Listening

Borneo Rainforests conservation effort by listening

How do you determine the health of a forest? Well, you listen to it! Known as one of the largest ecological experiments in the world, a research project entails using low-cost recorders to track the health of the Malaysian Bornean rainforests. The research is known as the SAFE (Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystem) project. In […]