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Plastic is the most polluting material in the world. Its waste that is unfortunately found in all countries of the world, ejected beyond borders of the world into the ocean, forming uninhabited islands that are more often larger than many countries, and growing larger and larger each minute.

Advertising is also a major consumer of plastics. They are found everywhere including advertising banners seeking to catch our eye. The lifespan of these banners are often long. Much, much longer than the time short time they are used for. Companies and consumers hardly ever concern themselves with the non-biodegradable existence of this material beyond its usage, whichever of the 1,000,001 uses it had been used for.

But some have found the solution. To give it a second life. A better one in fact. Better than it’s persistent purpose of influencing your purchases, at least.

The plastic advertising banner is an unsung hero, it is. A durable material made to highlight the value of consumer products, but it’s own virtues often wasted. So here are some examples of capturing that lost value of this fantastic material which we often call waste, only because we choose to waste it.

Shopping Bags

It is a universal bag that you can use in all situations. Stronger than a conventional bag, handmade, the random prints of each banner also make every bag unique.

Receipts Holder

Need an easy way to store all your tickets and receipts? This creation is for you. If the material is known to be a problem because it is non degradable, then let’s use it for it’s weather proof properties!All the better for you to claim your stakes from the taxman eh! You can keep all those bits of paper without worry of it getting weathered. All the better for you to claim your stake from the taxman!

Multipurpose Small Pouch

On a trip, at school, or at the office : this bag always is handy. Use it for stationeries or toiletries. It does not take much space so you will be able to bring it in your backpack or handbag.

Pencil Case

Making a statement with a pencil case isn’t usually heard of, but with this creation you certainly do make a stand.Handmade and unique while also making you part of the solution to the global waste problem.

Biji-biji products connect people of the world together in creating inclusivity in economical and creative empowerment whilst also getting people together in pitching in for efforts in reducing our culture of consumption and waste.We are growing our collection of user generated designs and inclusive productions.

You can find more unique upcycled creations, ethically, mindfully and creatively made for the world, here:

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