The ENERGY of the Future is Smart and Green

We empower through alternative, inventive and exciting energy.

Biji-Biji Energy comprises of designers, engineers & innovators who have been creating human-powered generators since 2014 through low-cost and effective Research & Development. This has been instrumental in educating the government, organizations and the public on power generation, connectivity, inventive and sustainable energy solutions.

Our goal is to develop and promote green technologies that are affordable, accessible and open-ended. All our human-powered generators, art installations, and workshops are developed in accordance with these sustainability principles: modularity, renewable energy, smart systems, community engagement, and energy efficiency delivered with creativity and focused on fun.

The Future of Energy

At our core, we’re powered by people. People just like you. So if you or your company have an idea for creating smarter, greener tech, even if it’s just the seed of an idea, a bright spark – we would love to hear from you. E-mail us at [email protected] and let’s make it happen!