The ENERGY of the Future is Smart and Green

We empower through alternative, inventive and exciting energy.

Biji-Biji Energy comprises of designers, engineers & innovators who have been creating human-powered generators since 2014 through low-cost and effective Research & Development. This has been instrumental in educating the government, organizations and the public on power generation, connectivity, inventive and sustainable energy solutions.

Our goal is to develop and promote green technologies that are affordable, accessible and open-ended. All our human-powered generators, art installations, and workshops are developed in accordance with these sustainability principles: modularity, renewable energy, smart systems, community engagement, and energy efficiency delivered with creativity and focused on fun.

Energy Playground

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Have you ever wondered where our energy comes from? Malaysia’s current energy usage relies on fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. While they power up our homes and buildings wonderfully, they’re not sustainable in the long run, and can be harmful to human health.  Energy is the #1 contributor to climate change, producing around 60 percent of greenhouse gases. In Malaysia, 53% of our energy comes from coal. These facts and figures prompted us to find a way to educate the public about alternative forms of energy.


We aim to inspire people to explore renewable energy, energy efficiency and alternative power-generating methods. This is how the Energy Playground was conceived. Whether it’s for a one-day festival or a month-long campaign, we provide installations that allow participants to power different devices directly with their own energy, like lights, sounds, phones or even a blender. 

Our best-seller is the bicycle blender. You just have to cycle to power the blender and get juice as a reward! People can also run on our human-sized hamster wheel and power up lights or music. Imagine charging your phone by riding a bicycle. Or powering amplifiers by running in a hamster wheel. Our generators convert your kinetic energy into electricity, so you get to literally enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

You’ve seen it all: gimmicks, show-stoppers and crowd magnets. We want to show you what else is possible, while incorporating elements of the 21st century.

Unplug & Play is convenient and easy to operate. A guaranteed crowd hit that will generate a buzz at your event. It relies on human energy, is energy-efficient and is independent from the main power source. Unplug & Play was built to educate, and runs on fun.

Unplug & Play offers you installations that are powered by your audience. The installations will only work with arms and legs that move in unison, activating blenders, lights, sound or connectivity.