Are you really eco-friendly?

Here are three possible situations where you can test your eco-friendliness. Select the option that describes you the most. This quiz is so easy you don’t even need a paper and pen.

Situation 1: Waking up in the morning

8:30 AM! You’ve just realised that you missed an important meeting and try to understand why…

a. You don’t know which device did not buzz- your Iphone 6, your Iwatch or your alarm clock. You don’t understand why, because they were plugged in all the night, while you were watching TV. By the way, this is the right time to switch it off and have a bath before you rush to work.

b. You’ve realised your good old alarm clock is definitely beyond repair and cannot be trusted anymore. No worries, you will reuse all the electronics and try to use empty cans (from your recycle bin) to make a new alarm clock.

c.You don’t have any alarm clock since 15 years because you are living next to your permaculture garden and are woken up everyday by the rooster or the mooing of your cows. Time to get fresh milk!

Situation 2: Party

Friends, music, drinks and laughs… the party in your home was amazing. But now you have to face all these empty bottles and plastics…What to do with all this mess?

a. You take all the plastics and the bottle and fill them in a big black garbage bag and you put it outside your house on the street. No worries, cats and dogs will sort it for you.

b. Basket Ball Time! Along with your best buddies you gather your 3 bins : One for Plastic, another for Bottles and a third for general waste. 2 points if you score from the couch, 3 points from the balcony. Be careful with the glass fragments though.

c. You don’t need bottle, cans and plastics. You drink coconut water, eat on coconut shells. Well, you are in love with the coco.

Situation 3: At Work

A major presentation for a board meeting; and you have to talk about one big project you believe in for the past one year…

a. You take prints of 50 slides of your presentation to the 12 board members which is about 600 pages of paper. We can only hope your project is not about planting trees in the office…

b. You come with your new suitcase made with upcycled seat belts and make a good impression with your pencil case made with used banners. Your project was about reducing the costs of your company by upcycling all the electronic, wood and metal items you can find normally in trash. Well done, the CEO is already ordering the same suitcase as yours here

c. A presentation? What is that? You did not have any meeting except with the veterinary doctor each month for the cows and chicken.

Results: What kind of eco-friendly person are you?

⇒ You get ‘a’ mostly

You don’t have an eco-friendly behaviour and are harming the world which is not only yours.

You can have the same life with even better results with a greener thinking! Small changes can make big differences.

Switch all the electronics items each night, use less water to shower and reduce the using of paper at work.

⇒ You get ‘b’ mostly

You are definitely eco-friendly. It’s the right time to show it and commit yourself to a big social cause.Take a look here to see if you can find creations which reflects your belief and style.

⇒ You get ‘c’ mostly

Well you definitely have the maximum green power. But being eco-friendly does not mean you can not socialize with the world. Take a look here and you will find guys who make eco-friendly stuff and also have a great social life.