We were commissioned by MyBalloon Fiesta to design and build a wooden version of the Hamsterwheel for three consecutive years. The Hamsterwheel powered up a photobooth that would light up at night.

Interactive Art Installation

To promote the Walt Disney movie Moana, we were engaged by Golden Screen Cinema to build two interactive art installations that included a boat designed for children.

Bicycle-Powered Plastic Shredder

We helped to build a plastic shredder based on Precious Plastic’s design. As part of a marketing campaign, we triggered the shredder with a bicycle.

SynthCity Interactive Table

A collaboration with media artist Jack Cheong for Heineken’s Shape Your City Campaign which was displayed at Hin Bus Depot in Penang. This campaign also featured our laser harp and a light box.

Xmas At Publika

In conjunction with Christmas celebrations, we integrated motion-triggered lights on a Merry-Go-Round.

Interactive Light Gimmick

For the ASEAN Youth summit, we did an interactive light gimmick for the launch of the forum during Obama’s visit to Malaysia.

Chinese New Year Lanterns

This installation featured recycled water cooler bottles controlled by electronics. The entire work utilised low-power LED lights with motion sensors that glow brighter when there’s movement below it.

Energy Playground at Urbanscapes

For Urbanscapes 2014 in Genting, we designed and built a playground where participants were pumping water to a tower via bicycles and manual pumps. One bicycle was used to activate lights on the structure.

Jewel of Johor

The concept behind the design of this project came from the etymology of the word “Johor”. The word “Johor” came from the arabic word “Jauhar” which means “Jem Stone”. Thus, the metaphor “Jem Stone” was converted into an art sculptural installation, primarily made out of metal.