Interactive Art Installation

To promote the Walt Disney movie Moana, we were engaged by Golden Screen Cinema to build two interactive art installations that included a boat designed for children.


We were commissioned by MyBalloon Fiesta to design and build a wooden version of the Hamsterwheel for three consecutive years. The Hamsterwheel powered up a photobooth that would light up at night.

Lantern Pagoda

We installed a bicycle-powered lantern for HyppTV’s Tanglung Moviefest at Setia City Park.

SEA Games Design Challenge

In conjunction with the SEA games, we organised design workshops where students had to design the centrepiece of the Energy Playground to be displayed during the games.

Racetrack Challenge

For Times Square’s theme park, we built a customised light racetrack where participants had to challenge each other. The amount of energy generated was displayed in the center.

Interactive Projection Mapping

As part of a digital art promotional event, we collaborated with projection mapping artists to trigger visuals with our capacitive sensors.

Powered by Giving

All three Energy Playground generators; the Bicycles, Hamsterwheel and Merry-Go-Round were set up at The Square for a week in conjunction with Christmas festivities.

Energy Playground at Urbanscapes

For Urbanscapes 2014 in Genting, we designed and built a playground where participants were pumping water to a tower via bicycles and manual pumps. One bicycle was used to activate lights on the structure.