Waste Audit & Waste Reduction

How Is This Service Provided?

What Is Audited?

Waste audits help to identify major waste that are being generated by your entity and thus find ways to reduce the amount of waste generated. The audit will help to pin point and categorize the waste, by type of material (plastic, paper, cans, food waste, etc), making it easier to tackle the waste being produced.


Businesses, residential areas, government agencies and all other entities, regardless of who they are, generate waste which ends up in the landfill. Sadly, many recyclable and compostable waste do end up in the landfill. These are precious resources, if absorbed back into the economy, has the potential to reduce extraction of earth’s limited natural resources. This also goes hand-in-hand with the circular economy concept.


There are many challenges in implementing waste reduction as introducing new, unconventional systems often lead to negative reactions as these new rules can be somewhat inconvenient. For example, the iCycle system, allows most waste generated to be recycled. However, problems arise in communicating what can and can't be accepted, for intance the system requires the waste to be dry and clean which may sound simple, but this requires efforts which wern't necessary in the past when one thinks of recycling such as washing and drying the waste before disposal.

What We Can Provide

Waste Identification

Based on the result of the waste audit, we can label generated waste as (1) waste that can be eliminated, (2) waste that can be reduced, (3) waste that can be recycled, and (4) waste that has to be landfilled.

Waste Solutions

After labelling the waste, we can assist you to find solutions to eliminate, reduce, and recycle the waste generated. Additionally, cost can be reduced as well as a waste audit not only verifies what is thrown away, but the value lost as well. We will also be able to provide solutions to waste which are not typically easily recycled such as wood, by providing alternative methods of reusing.

How Is This Service Provided?

This service tackles each waste management challenge on a case by case basis. It provides a service which is tailored to suit your needs and requirements based on the information that is gathered to produce the audit. Firstly, the waste audit will be conducted within 3 main steps which are:

  • Collating any readily available data and grouping of materials
  • Collating data on waste generated over a period of 1 week or 1 month (depending on the nature of business) using live-survey instruments
  • Analysis of data (Identification of trends, source of waste, grouping of waste)

Then, based on the data collected from the audit, and the preferences of the client, we will generate solutions and waste reduction methods for the business


How Is This Service Provided?


If your company is interested in:

  • Cost savings from waste reduction measures
  • Salient waste management
  • Implementing and supporting sustainable technologies/materials
  • Determining inefficiencies within the current waste management program
  • Boost of employee morale by providing a more environmentally friendly working atmosphere Then aiming towards a sustainable development is definitely for you as these are common perks to being a sustainable company

Case Studies

Often times, waste audits are able to pin point even the smallest and often times simplest details that we would otherwise tend to overlook. Such an example is the Great Forest waste audit which aimed to identify if the current waste solutions being implemented was working accordingly. It was found a lack of proper communication resulted in the waste being disposed into the wrong bins. By tackling this problem and providing recycling education aimed at the employees, the issue was mitigated and it was seen that there was a 33% cut in hauling costs as the amount of waste to landfill decreased.

taken from: http://greatforest.com/case-studies/case-study-waste-audits/