UrbanScapes 2014

Client: Freeform Sdn Bhd

At Urbanscapes 2014, Biji-biji Initiative welcomed festival goers with a singing water installation, dancing water installation, geodesic dome projections, DJ booth and energy playground. All installations were designed to highlight the importance of water. The Singing Water and Dancing Water installations were the result of an open source collaboration with GeoCyclab, a place of observation and research along the model of T.A.Z (Temporary Autonomous Zone) of Hakim bay.


The Energy Playground

Our first ever energy playground showcased treadle pumps, hand pump and bicycle pumps which supplied water up to a 6-meters tower built from rented scaffold pipes and wood shavings saved by the Urbanscapes builders. This human powered playground actived a syphon system interactive water show! We also installed pedal-powered LED lighting for some cool night lights during the festival.

Last but not least, the Biji Biji Museum was set-up in the Barn, featuring tools used to make upcycled products showcased at the gift shop.

Photo credits: Chris Curzon


Technical Specs


Waste Materials Upcycled: Pallet woods – 375 units
Wooden planks – 500 units
Plywood – 25 units
1.5l plastic bottles – 200 units