About us

The b iji-biji electronic department is composed of self made electricians. We love getting challenged to design and produce creative electronic installations and products that merge sustainability and open source principles.

"We believe that electronics can be used to drive sustainability."

By using smart systems and designs, we can reduce electricity consumption as well as increase efficiency. For example adding a motion sensor to control a light in a corridor drastically reduces electricity consumption.

"We believe that electronics can be fun and easy."

In today’s world with the boom of internet and open source technologies, you don’t need to know or do everything by yourself. There is a high chance that someone already solved your problem, or something similar that you just need to adapt. If you don’t understand how it works there are plenty of forums that will give you the answer you’re looking for, or we can help there too!

In today’s electronic designs, sustainability is not a deciding factor. In order to save money and to control the lifetime of the product, cheap and fragile part are often chosen. Often when an electronic device is not working it is very hard to repair it unless you know the schematics and have the right tools. Everything is embedded so when a small component doesn’t work anymore the whole board is broken. This is something we want to avoid in our products, by releasing the design and using maintainable solutions, so people can fix the components in our products instead of chucking them in the bin!

How we do it

The open source movement, created in the end of the 90’s, has developed very quickly since then and has created major innovations like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Arduino is an open source micro-controller, cheap and easy to use (information is easily available and the controller can be programmed from any computer). Raspberry Pi is a computer (just the main board with USB outputs and HDMI and some input/output pins) that costs less than USD30! With these cheap and easy to use devices, we are able to design smart systems without having to do all the work from scratch, and the end-user has the opportunity to modify and improve the system for their own needs if they so desire :)

What we do

We focus on sustainable energy solutions, interactive installations and custom designs:

Energy Solutions

Nowadays, electricity is provided by a single source, which is The Grid. Because of the abundance of energy available, most appliances are not as efficient or energy-saving as they could/should be. When you generate your energy locally, you realize how valuable it is and you would prefer to avoid any energy wasting! As much as we are focused on increasing the power generated, we are also focused on decreasing power consumption.

Interactive Installations

Interactivity in art installation is something easily achievable when using electronics. When you add sensors to an installation, you can then control lights, sound, motion and more. Everything is possible, and imagination and creativity are the only limits! Everyone can get involved straight away and it is always a pleasure to see the surprise on people's faces, followed by curiosity...

Custom Designs

For us, having one solution adapted to one problem is often easier and more efficient than having one single solution for a big range of cases. For example, if you want to add solar appliances to your place, we'd be happy to custom-make it for you, so it will fit your needs and budget.


Energy Playground

Sure, bycicles are great to get from A to B (unless you're on a smelly highway!) and great to burn those calories. But it's no secret that they can be used to generate electricity for other purposes too! We have taken the good-old dynamo light application to the next level and souped up the system to power almost anything! Basically, let's hook up our bikes with your idea and get the party started.

Custom Electronics

We love to constantly challenge ourselves and to spark creativity and interactivity among our peers, patrons and the public. We seek insight from industry players and newcomers to find out their wishes in creating something truly unique and custom.

We are open to research and learn in the meantime, making sure that we hit the nail on the head in the best possible way.

Interactive Installations

Here is where we try to keep our ear to the ground and sense the rumblings around the world. If its cool, and electronic, it has our attention. If its cool, electronic, and sustainable, it has our admiration. We gravitate towards anything captivating, either new or old ideas but with our own added twist. We champion interactivity as we see this as being the wow factor to bring our concepts across whilst encouraging members of the public to connect with us.

Workshops & Education

Electronics and coding are great things to learn, because you will be able to control and design your own environment easily!

Would you like to learn how to do electronics? We can teach you :) Whether you are a beginner, intermediate and advanced, we will give you the challenge that is just right for you, or help you to solve your ongoing learning experience or project.




Rapid Prototyping

We believe 3D printing and laser technology is the future of prototyping and DIY solutions. Anything you can think off can be printed or cut! What more if you use your old plastic bottles or tupperwares to create your 3D print? We are in midst of creating an extruder solution that would enable old plastics to be created into new, exciting ideas... Get involved!


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