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Educational Talks

Inspiring and eye opening, call on our many different portfolios for an enlightening session of substantial insight into personal scale or organizational sustainability solutions. Engaging and fun, our many diverse speakers are knowledgeable and qualified in a wide array of fields relevant to sustainability, innovation and creativity.

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RM 800 for a 1/2-hour session

RM 1,500 for a 1-hour session

rate to be discussed for sessions longer than 1 hour


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Open Book Finance

    Open book finance is all about transparency and having budgets and expense sheets readily available for all team members. Following the principles of educate, empower and engage, this business model can help grow your business substantially by creating awareness and ownership of the financial aspects with your staff members. Shared knowledge leads to shared responsibility!


     Open Source Principles

    At Biji-biji, we are strong advocates of the Open Source principles. By allowing all our designs to be used non-commercially, they can constantly grow and be improved. By trying to spread good ideas instead of protecting them, innovation can become more effective and efficient. Our specialists in this area are happy to share their open source secrets with you!


    Circular Economy

    The concept of circular economy refers to an alternative to the prevalent linear 'take, make, dispose' model of our modern world. Rather than concentrating on improving individual components, we think in terms of systems and renewability. As a restorative economy there is a lot of potential in this concept for long-term sustainable living.


    Project Management

    An art form in itself, managing a project of any scale is anything but easy and requires a lot of careful planning, organizing, motivating and controlling of resources. Sharing tips and tricks of the trade, our main project manager will introduce to you a project management system that has worked well for us time and time again. This talk will provide you with the knowledge needed to become an expert project manager yourself!


    Sustainable Carpentry

    As a skilled trade, carpentry has been around as early as 7 000 years ago. Up until the 20th century wood has been our main building material. Being so central to most of history this talk by our master carpenter focuses on carpentry in the modern day but also gives an insight into how wood that already was in use can be recycled, reformed and reused.



    Composting is widely known as a way to recycle organic waste into fertilizer. In this talk you will not only learn about why it is important to compost, but also how to set up a simple home composting system, how to make compost and how to use it. You'll never want to go back to not-composting again!



    Described as 'a philosophy of working with rather than against nature' by its founder, permaculture considers ecosystems as complex systems of many different plants and animals and all their functions and thus tries to model these systems observed in nature by applying its principles to agriculture and social design. This talk will give you a brief insight into the vast world of permaculture and we guarantee that you will leave inspired to learn more!


    All About Food Waste

    1.3 billion - this is how many tonnes of food are thrown away every year, enough to feed 4 billion people! You will learn about these and other shocking numbers about food waste in this talk, and also about what you can do to reduce your own contribution to wasting food. 


    Social Entrepreneurship

    This concept looks at entrepreneurship as a social endeavor transforming social capital in a way that affects society positively. Business techniques are applied to help solve global social problems. In this talk you will learn more about the principles of social entrepreneurship and how you can apply these in your own community to drive positive change and empower others.


    Corporate Social Responsibility

    It is well known that industrial plants contribute greatly to the pollution of our planet. Corporate social responsibility refers to companies understanding and embracing their responsibility towards the community and environment, both social and ecological, by applying waste and pollution reduction measures as well as offering educational and social programs. This talk will equip you with the basic knowledge needed to turn your business, whether large or small, into one that embraces corporate social responsibility. You will leave with plenty of new ideas!


    Sustainable Furniture Design

    Using organic and non-organic materials to create functional objects for everyday use is the aim of furniture design. By recycling materials and designing furniture that can be recycled after use sustainable furniture design attempts to create a closed-loop cycle with the ultimate aim to avoid filling landfills. This talk is designed to convey the basics of the discipline and open up a world of unlimited possibilities of combining materials, using tools and techniques and create pieces that balance form and function. 


    Sustainable Fashion Design

    During this talk, our master-tailor will introduce the basics of sustainable fashion design to you, which aspires to use recycled materials to create new fashion pieces with the ultimate goal of creating a closed-looped cycle of re-recycling each item after successful use to avoid filling landfills. You will leave inspired with so many ideas to turn your trash into fash-ion!


    Waste Art

    One way to recycle waste is to use it to create pieces of art. This talk is designed to show you different options and possibilities and inspire you to be creative about the reuse of your waste. Let your imagination run wild, there are no bounds to creativity!


    Sustainable Event Management

    All our events are organized in a sustainable way, which means that we build our own event fittings from waste and provide proper and sustainable waste management options for every event. During this talk you will learn how to incorporate socially and environmentally responsible decision making in your planning processes and apply the principles of sustainable development to your very own events. 


    Small-scale Sustainable Living for Urbanites

     So you think doing something for the planet is great and you would love to live more sustainable but living in a big city makes this almost impossible? Think again! This talk will show you different ways and possibilities of leading a sustainable lifestyle within all the constraints an urban lifestyle brings along.


    Green and Alternative Technology

    Granted, our modern lifestyle would not be possible without plenty of energy. Energy production comes at a cost for the planet. Green and alternative technologies look at ways of how to reduce these costs but also how to continue living a modern life without using just as much energy. This talk will introduce to you ways of how you can reduce your own energy footprint.


    Sustainable Creative Campaigning

    Creative campaigning is all about creating advertising campaigns that stand out. During this talk you will learn the tips and tricks of how to come up with new creative ideas, that also allow your advertising campaigns to be run in a sustainable way. 


    Trashformation - The Art Of Upcycling

    This talk will introduce the art of upcycling to you, which is the process of turning used, broken or shabby functional objects, such as furniture, into 'as-new' pieces, with a new look, and possibly a new purpose. The aim is to avoid throwing out the 'trash' and 'transform' it into something new!


    Monetizing Waste

    This talk is about how you can turn your waste into money. We are not kidding, this is a real possibility! Every business owner knows the pain of paying for waste processing but few are aware that with very little effort and you can actually turn your waste into a profit. 


    Responsible Waste Segregation

    Why is it so important that I segregate waste, you may ask. Our speakers will not only tell you about the impact every single household that practices waste segregation has on our environment and the ever-growing landfills but also show you how you can do your own bit to make our earth last this little bit longer!


    Thinking Sustainability


    Sustainability is essentially a thought process that guides your decision making. When you decide not only to consider financial constraints, but to include ecological capacity and social conditions, you are making things hard for yourself. Sustainability is not the path of least resistance. Hence, you will struggle against mainstream cultures for one odd lucky moment; partnership; supplier; buyer; investor, etc. This talk will show you some practical examples and success stories, and the depth of leg work needed to overturn the masses.