Sustainable Event Curation

Defining The Service

What This Service Covers

Sustainable event curation basically translates to event management. This includes venue preparation, set -up and decor, accommodation, food catering, water provision, event programmings, health and safety, VIPs engagement, door gifts, marketing and promotional materials, advertising, ticket sales, waste management, cleaning and maintenance services, etc. Sustainable events also give rise to social, environmental and economic oppourtunities such as supporting the local market by the procurement of locally produced products, which in turn can provide job oppourtunities for the local community and potentially provide cost savings as there is no need for coverage of transport etc (compared to obtaining supplies from overseas). By sourcing locally, the environment is also protected as lower carbon emissions will be generated.


While an event lasts anytime between a few hours to a few days, it sees a lot of preparation,for the space to be able to receive and provide for event participants. While small half-day events only see the need of preparing one-meal and a location for gathering, big events need to prepare extensively. The usual challenges in ensuring a successful event often include communication challenges with all parties involved, as the strategy to ensure the event is sustainable needs to be well relayed.Often times, many would like to put more effort into the sustainability of the event, however reality strikes and urgent matters oftern become barriers to achieving these sustainability goals, hence due diligence is necessary in order to carefully prioritize and realize what can and can't be implemented. A lot of research is also necessary to ensure an ethical supply chain, products with minimal environmental impact and etc. For things to go smoothly, chain management is necessary, which needs a lot creation of awareness, patience, monitoring and provision of alternative solutions and troublshooting. Ultimately, sustainability is not an easy achievement, and so it requires an individual or in some circumstances a team just to ensure the sustainability of an event as a lot of work is required.

What We Can Provide

The Impact

As events bring in a high number of visitors to a destination for a very small span of time, they tend to generate a lot of avoidable waste and negative impacts. The Meetings, Incentives, Conference & Exhibitions (MICE) industry showcases the importance of events to a nation’s economy. Besides generating financial gains, events also have the potential to generate positive social, environmental and economic impacts to its locality. With simple twists, these events can be a large generator of sustainable development. Products and services that support the events industry also support other industries. Hence, making any part of your event sustainable, can produce a trickle effect in other industries.

The Package

We implement sustainable event management by providing, but not limited to the following services:

  • Ethical door gifts
  • Food waste management
  • Recyclables management
  • Use of biodegradable tableware & vendor management
  • Menu planning
  • Provision of alternative to bottled water
  • Reduced use of materials (paper, plastic, etc)
  • Eliminating use of packaging - Sourcing sustainable/local supplies
  • Eco-friendly marketing and promotional materials
  • Accessibility
  • Alternative energy solutions
  • Sustainable transportation options
  • Stakeholder engagement

How Is This Service Provided?

This service tackles each event/festival on a case by case basis. It provides a service which is tailored to suit your needs and requirements based on your preferred sustainability goals and concerns.

Is This Service Suitable For You?


If you are an event organizer or an event manager, looking to make your in-house events sustainable; We can assist you by providing:

  • effective event managment
  • cost savings in the long run
  • marketing/branding for event organizer or the festival itself
  • good reputation as promoting the initiatives done to create a sustainable event will attract participants that are becoming increasingly aware of sustainability issues
  • international festival standards
  • a bazaar highlighting malaysian homegrown brands, allowing the event to receive traction from followers of the vendors
  • sustainable events which are, from our experience extremely successful and attractive for the crowds as promoting environmentally friendly services and entertainment can set your business apart from competitors

Case Studies

As we have experience in sustainable event curation, our portfolio boasts a number of successful events which can be viewed in our website under sustainability projects. Among the notable events we have curated, was EcoFestival 2015, which was the first upcycling event in Malaysia.