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Solar Technology

Solar Oven

The aim of green technology is to find alternative, more sustainable ways of powering our energy-dependent lives. One area of life where a lot of energy is consumed is food production. This can be reduced by using a solar-powered oven, which translates sun light into heat. Learn how to build one from a pizza box in just a few simple steps. 

Solar Power

Would you like to reduce your energy footprint and save on energy costs? Solar panels may just be the solution for you.  Our expert team will walk you through the setting up of your very own customized on grid or off grid solution tailored to your exact needs.Contact us today for a consultation on your specific energy needs. 

Solar Fan

With temperatures above 25°C in Malaysia all year around air-conditioning and fans provide a welcome relief from the heat. However, the amount of energy these devices consume weigh heavy on your wallet, not to mention the environment. We offer the perfect green alternative: a solar-powered fan!

Parabolic Trough

Another way of utilizing solar energy, a parabolic trough collects heat from sunlight which fuels a heat engine that can drive machinery or generate electricity. 

Solar Air Heater

Solar air heaters can be used to create heat for drying fruits, grains or even clothes. Instead of creating dry hot air using electricity, solar air heaters utilize the sun's energy thus making the process more energy-efficient and greener.

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