Candle Making

The candles from the store are only available in a short range of sizes, shapes and colours. If you are looking for specific candle designs we can help you out with made-to-order candles to perfectly suit your event!

Soap Making

Are you looking for a marketing strategy that stands out? Hand out artisan soaps handmade to your specifications and your business will be remembered by your clients for long after the bar runs out!

Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive sensing is the technology behind smartphone and tablet touchscreens and various digital musical instruments, such as the Theremin. You have this awesome idea for a device using capacitive sensors but are not familiar with the technology behind it? That’s what we are here for. Get in touch now!

Singing Plants

You don’t think plants can sing? Thanks to capacitive sensing technology these plants make a sound when touched – they are sure to be THE highlight at your event. Talk to us today about your singing plant needs.

Audio Synthesizer

A synthesizer can create a myriad of different sounds which makes it a very diverse instrument and is an invaluable tool for your event. Contact us today to talk about your specific sound and audio needs.

Smartphone Digital Microscope

Occasionally need a digital microscope but don’t want to splurge out for a professional one? Use your smartphone with this little device and achieve crystal clear magnification up to 325x. Plus, you can carry this microscope everywhere and anywhere and use with or without an external light source. Just like your smartphone. 

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