Recycling Campaigns

Defining The Service

Reasons to adopt a Recycling Campaign

Recycling initiatives have been receiving much attention lately, as various Malaysian federal, state and municipal government initiatives have started focusing more on recoverable waste materials. Malaysian landfills are filling up fast. In these landfills, we find valuable recoverable recyclables such as paper, plastic, metal, fabric, e-waste, glass and batteries. All these materials, if recovered, can be injected back into our economy. This can then create a circular economy, reduce the number of landfills, increase resource efficiency and reduce extraction of new materials - in short will lead to a more sustainable environment and economy.

The Challenges

Changing habits and behaviour is not easy. It will take time to instill good and continuous recycling as habit among Malaysians. Hence, we include community programmings (Me.reka upcycling workshops, public art installations, community day) in an effort to create more awareness, create a larger community sense and eventually increase the uptake of recycling as habit and norm. Other than convincing people that they should make the effort in recycling waste instead of disposing, it will also be a challenge to communicate what can and can't be recycled and what goes where. This challenge can be overcome by providing good communication regarding the waste management system in place and also understanding what is currently being done right and what is not.

What We Can Provide

Waste Management Solutions

As we have experience in recycling systems within a public setting, we can easily provide the right bins, asses the best possible location for waste collection and a monitoring system as well to ensure that the waste collected are in the correct bins. It is extremely important to ensure the waste management system is done right, especially in terms of segregation as it would be extremely messy and troublesome otherwise. If the systems are not correctly followed, it can also defeat the purpose of the campaign, which is why we also provide excellent communication for the people involved to raise awareness and avoid any mishaps.


Rest easy as we ensure all the relevant stakeholders are engaged and their interest/visions for the campaign is met. Further, in order to engage the people involved in the campaign, we will provide detailed educational talks and infographics which are bound to capture the attention of the individuals. This will be done by introducing competitions which encourage participants to not only recycle, but to recycle properly as well as providing additional services such as upcycling workshops which provide a fun learning alternative to the importance of recycling and the potential value of everyday objects that we tend to take for granted and simply throw away.

How Is This Service Provided?

This service tackles each campaign on a case by case basis. It provides a service which is tailored to suit your needs and requirements based on your preferred sustainability goals and concerns. We cover one-day and even multi-day events. Our team will first create a proposal based on the clients requirements and goals, then we will engage the relevant stakeholders with the proposal. With the approval of the proposal we will then prepare and plan to set up at the given location. Briefings and introductory classes on the campaign will also be prepared to present the participants to ensure the sucess of the campaign.

Is This Service Suitable For You?


If your organization wishes to hold CSR related programs or have achieved grants in which you would like to use to promote sustainability; We can assist you by:

  • Meeting customer demand for green/sustainable/econ products and environmentally conscious businesses
  • Reducing the risk of future liability associated with the disposal of solid waste, as legislation is expected to become more stringent.
  • Cutting cost on supplies
  • avoid using materials unnecessarily
  • Cutting cost on landfill load
  • Finding alternatives to materials that have a short lifespan (reusable)
  • Income generating/ job creation from creating awarness of the value of certain waste items
  • A simple solution to creating greener residential areas.
  • Builds a sense of belonging to the community
  • Can be showcased as a corporate CSR program

Case Study

Beyond Bins is a community-wide recycling initiative, which provides recycling facilities and weekly collection for participating communities. Prior to the project implementation, we conduct briefing sessions with local stakeholders and find best ways to implement it within the community. Recycling bins will be set up at accessible locations. Continuous engagement and education with community is important to ensure successful adaptation rate. Each individual household will be provided with unique barcode, which will allow them to collect points as they recycle. These points can be redeemed for cash vouchers. You will also be able to receive data on collection amount and type of waste collected at your community. For this project, we will be partnering with iCycle Malaysia. You can find out more about the Beyond Bins programme here: