Rapid Prototyping

3D Modelling

Need a 3D model of your design but don’t have access to a printer or just short on time? Biji-biji will sort you out! Whether you want a 3D-printed model or a pepakura model, we will look after your needs.

Silhouette Plotting

Anytime you need a print on a 3D surface, Biji-biji can help you out. Silhouette plotting is the technology behind anything from printing T-shirts to printing on wooden boxes and vinyl stickers for any other surfaces.

CNC Milling

CNC milling is a form of computer numerical controlled machining, similar to both cutting and drilling but with several axes to move along. It is used to precisely cut metals into 3 dimensional shapes. Whether it is screws, jewellery or an art project you are looking for, we can hook you up. 

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is an efficient method to cut metals and other materials precisely and in a clean manner as contamination by the use of conventional cutting tools is avoided. Lasers can be used to cut any material into any shape. Let your imagination run wild!

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