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Electronics Department

Projects - Electronics Department

Gumball/Heineken Star

The Gumball X Heineken X Biji-biji Star is a light installation housed in a Rubberwood frame made up of used heineken bottles. The lights pulsate and breathe to give it an organic property,to give contrast to the materials that makes up the installation.

 Rubberwood Sheets. (three 4’x8’ sheets)

Heineken 500ml Bottles provided by GAB. (240 bottles)

Laser Harp Heineken X Biji-biji

The laser harp is an Interactive art installation using music and lasers to get people to jam together.The Laser harp frame has been built in a way to accommodate a few participants at the same time. The frame also allows participants to be on both sides of the frame, thus allowing more participant to join in the “Jam” session.


Rubberwood Sheets (one 4’x8’ sheet)

Pinewood (four 12 feet long 2’’x2’’ and two 12 feet long 4’’x2’’)

Heineken 500ml Bottles provided by GAB. (12 bottles).


PRM Portable Solar Lights
Aquaphonics Table
Singing Plants
Bicycle Blender
Publika Lanterns Light

Kem Benih