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Products - Electronics Department

Bicycle Blender

The idea came about to generate energy through human effort, and while the Malaysian weather is perfect for something ice blended and cool, so joining the two branches together to create something interactive and fun was a challenge we undertook and this is our 2nd version that we have built. The motor is able to generate 300 Watts of power. Paired with a 12V DC blender, we are able to generate enough energy to blend juices, as well as power up LED lights.



24 VDC Motor at 300Watts

Can be paired with 12VDC Blender, LED lights,phone charger at additional cost.

Singing Plants

In touch screen devices, there are electronic circuits called Capacitive Touch circuits which allows the device to know if you are swiping left, typing a message, or using a paint application. Similarly, our singing plants installation works on the concept of touch, while taking us away from the technological devices we hold dear and back to natural themes like flora. Equipped with its own Capacitive Touch circuit, the plants generates sounds from computer software when triggered by human touch.



1 Microcontroller

1 Pair Speakers

1 Capacitive Touch Circuit

1 Power Supply Unit

4 or more(upgradeable) Sensor Wire

Laser Harp

The Laser Synthesizer is a unique instrument which brings lasers, sound and people together. This interactive instrument works when a participant breaks the laser beam using their hands which then produces a pre-set sound. The setup of this instrument brings together the elements of fun, music making and human interaction.

How It Works

This instrument uses 12 lasers in total for its control parameters, where all twelve of the lasers are used to correspond to notes (can be upgraded to have 4 beams that  are used to control sound parameters like speed, pitch, reverb and frequency modulation.)


12 Light Dependent Resistors

12 Lasers

1 Microcontroller

1 Smoke Machine

1 Pair Speakers

1 External Computer