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Open Workshops old

We are a strong advocate of Open Source principles. As a social enterprise, we generate income from selling our products and services. However, as an Open Source organization, we also share our knowledge and skills. So, you can commission us to build furniture for which you will be charged, or you can build it yourself. Our Open Workshops are equipped with tools and machinery. They also serve as our prototype development, production and storage facilities. At our Open Workshops, the public have access to all our tools and guidance.  Our team of skilled builders will teach you in designing a product and in bringing your product to reality. You will only be charged for the materials used. .

Open Workshop – Jalan Sungkai, off Jalan Ipoh

In operation since      :          15th February 2013

Skills available           :           (1) Woodworking

                                                (2) Metalworking

Opening hours           :           Monday to Friday (9:00am – 6:00pm)

                                                Saturdays (by appointment only)

Open Workshop – Jalan Nangka, off Jalan Ipoh

In operation since      :           27th July 2015

Skills available           :           (1) Electronics

                                                (2) Stitching and Tailoring

Opening hours           :           Monday to Friday (9:00am – 6:00pm)

                                                Saturdays (by appointment only)



Instructables by Biji-biji Initiative

Our works and designs are shared online for non-commercial use, which means the rights to study, change and distribute our designs are open to anyone for non-commercial purpose. This allows the designs to be constantly improved upon, and for us to further develop our building techniques by making new prototypes. By trying to spread good ideas instead of protecting them, we can innovate efficiently and effectively.

Wire Mesh Furniture
Pallet Box Light
Modular Box Table
Low Bamboo Bench
Log Bench
Full Pallet Seat