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Landscape Architecture

Sensory Garden

Just like the name suggests a sensory garden can be enjoyed with all your senses. It includes scented (smell) and edible plants (taste), sculptures and decorative plants (sight), water and sound features (hearing) and textured surfaces (touch). We can provide both design and landscaping for your dream sensory garden. 


Small, self-contained gardens inside recycled glass jars. Who wouldn’t want one of these for their office desk, living room sideboard or kitchen counter?

Air-Purifying Plants

These ‘Air Purifying Plants’ can help remove toxins from the air, especially in indoor spaces, thus improving air quality which in turn improves productivity and concentration of the people in the room. Perfect for any office or work space.

Rainwater Harvesting

Water is the basis of all live which makes it invaluable but fresh water will not be available forever. One way to reduce your fresh water consumption is by harvesting rainwater. Contact us now for a consultation on your very own rainwater harvesting system.

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