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Given our own individual enthusiasm for fun and lively events with a difference, Biji-biji have set up our own events management and organization entity that focuses mainly on sustainable event organizing. We recognize that holding events and festivals are one of the biggest waste generators in the field, hence we aim to promote and run events that have lesser impact on the environment

We incorporate event builds using waste materials by upcycling, and provide consultation and advice to clients on the events’ waste management options and possibilities.

As a whole, our events management arm is capable of organizing and running any type of events, provide professional spatial design and curation, vendor & bazaar organization, as well as arranging for event activities and campaigns, among others.


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Event Management

We provide a one-stop event organizing and management services, where we mainly expertise in environmental, music, lifestyle, and eco-bazaar related events and festivals. One of our more notable events that were organized include the EcoWorld EcoFestival in 2015, where it incorporated all the elements that make up Biji-biji; upcycling, green technology, waste art, and education through hands-on workshops.

What sets us apart from other event organizers is that we build our own event fittings from waste, such as seating areas, chilled out zones, and even setting up our very own Memory Stretched Tents. We also provide proper and sustainable waste management options for every event, to path the way for lower waste generation.

Every event we run is a chance to spread awareness and educate the masses. And we do this in a completely fun and interesting manner!

Space Design & Curation

One of the biggest headaches of running events is the spatial planning of the event site, ensuring there is no clutter and that the walk-through flow is smooth and covers every corner of the event.  We do this by placing just the right amount of activities in between every ‘chill out’ area, giving the patrons the right mix of resting space in the midst of the hustle & bustle.

We have experienced and capable architects and designers within the team to provide the client with a thorough and thought-out space design.

Event Furniture & Décor


One of our greater combined strengths is to design and produce upcycled furniture and décor, which is a perfect addition and element to any event. We are able to do special custom and even generic designs, depending on the wants and needs of the client.

The more popular upcycled furniture include the Oil Drum Seats, Pallet Wood furniture set, Worn Tyre Seats, and many others. Apart from furniture, we love being able to set the ambience and décor for any site, which includes us working with fabric off cuts and lycra to create shades and decorations, making lights using discarded materials, and even making our own recycling stations!

Bazaar Curation

Being in the environmental and social field, we have the advantage of having a vast community of friends and associates who are also advocates of environmental and social matters. Furthermore, we are constantly and actively enlarging our network to reach out to young and upcoming likeminded organizations, so there will always be variety in our bazaars, even if it is in the same theme.

We specialize in holding eco- & environmental- bazaars, engaging the right kinds of vendors to attract the crowd. These may include lifestyle options such as earth-friendly apparel, suppliers for a home organic garden, or even eco-friendly arts & culture.

Sustainability Considerations and Waste Management Options

In every event that we organize, we make it a point to generate as little waste as possible. How we do this may simply be replacing the use of plastics and polystyrene with other biodegradable materials, or may even be more complex such as installing proper composting systems on-site for the waste generated. Every option will be discussed with the client, and we will also provide our expert advice on how to run a greener event.

Event Activities and Fillers

There are countless activities that we can (and have) incorporate into any event. These includes, and definitely not limited to, the following:

  • Waste art installations
  • Educational and interactive green-technology installations
  • Hands-on workshops and sharing sessions
  • Performing arts i.e. live bands, dance, drum circle
  • Visual arts i.e. live painting, film screenings
  • Street circus i.e. juggling, LED spinning

The above, and more, are of course only achievable through collaboration with other parties. Rest assured, we only choose the best to work with for you!

Campaign Champions

Another principle that we stand by is to always have a purpose to what we do. This applies too to the events that we run, no matter the scale. We do this by tying every event to a campaign, be it on educating the masses on the art of upcycling, on waste management in general, or specifically on plastic bottles, on food wastage, and so on.

This can range from a full-blown campaign leading to the event, or just by having strategically placed and eye-catching infographics at the event.


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