Creative Workshops - Ecological Gardening

At our eco-gardening events we can teach participants how to upcycle waste materials such as plastic and glass and  use them to create their own edible garden. We can present interesting ways to make use of small urban spaces and turn them into gardens. Participants can work together to build their own upcycled vertical green which can remain in place as a living installation for people to enjoy.


Terrariums are self-sustainable ecosystems in glass containers, with actual live plants. This workshop gives the opportunity for participants to make their own ornamental terrarium from scratch.

All time favourite

Composting 101

The perfect workshop for a beginner to learn about backyard composting. Each participant will also be able to bring back their own compost bin to start composting at home!

Edible Garden

There’s nothing better than adding organic herbs into your cooking, straight from your own garden! Participants will learn the basics of edible gardening, alongside getting their hands dirty in starting their own “garden”.

Sub Irrigated Planter (Plastic Bottle)

Learn how to upcycle a plastic bottle into your very own flower pot. It uses a wick for easy maintenance instead of traditional watering. A great way to go green. Upgraded now with decoration to the bottles.

Shoe Planter

Most of us have an old pair of shoes lying around, which we don't wear anymore! Give them a new life by transforming these broken shoes into cute planters. Bring your own shoes or run a collection drive to promote sustainability.