Custom Design Builds

Custom Design Builds have been one of our most recognizable works. From cool upcycled pieces, to industrial-steam-punk builds, interior office decor, to permanent structures. We love them all.

We work closely with the client, from beginning to end to develop a tailor made solution. From scathing drawings on the whiteboard, to in-depth discussion on the cost-benefit of various options, and how to maximise the final impact and reach.  Through this approach, we are able to solve unique and specialised challenges, to exactly meet our clients expectations. 

This also complements our emphasis on collaboration and working together. As both parties get to leverage of each other’s strengths and skills, to deliver the best fit solution. The approach follows a simple 3 step process:  

  1. Understand; the needs and challenge to solve
  2. Design; the drawing board 
  3. Build; the delivery of the project

Please find below the types of custom designs we create and build:

Upcycled Furniture

 Furniture design is another area where amazing pieces can be created using recycled materials. Here at Biji-biji we receive a lot of custom design requests. Our clients, team and diverse volunteers all contribute by prototyping, experimenting, customizing and designing individual pieces to our ever-growing catalog of custom design furniture. New clients are welcome to come with own ideas or choose from the catalog of previous projects and we will create your very own custom designed furniture pieces!

All our designs are open source, which means they are shared and readily available for others to reproduce. We do not claim ownership rights for our designs. Our team is passionate about building custom design furniture because we constantly get to learn new skills!

If you are interested in having your very own custom designed furniture, please contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Interior Office Decor

Vertical Gardens