Creative Workshops


Exciting people with a renewed sense of learning and productivity is something we really love doing. Thus, we have developed Workshop Modules in the many different areas of craftmanship, knowledge and design that the diverse people of Biji-biji are respectively passionate in.

If you are looking to inspire your company's departments with engaging team-building exercises, or to promote CSR with community learning programs, or if you are simply an individual eager to learn, our Workshop Modules feeds the human mind's continual need for expansion.

Biji-biji is home to many people with too much passion for the things they learn and do, and one common passion ties all the diverse skills and fields together. Everyone shares the love of sharing!

Check out the various modules we have to offer below, or contact us to be involved in developing an optimized module particular to your organization's unique characteristics. If you are an individual interested in any of the programs, sign up and we will update you soon as a minimum class of 5 is reached.