Bicara Interactive Talk Sessions

Defining The Service

What is Bicara?

“Bicara by Biji-biji”” is an interactive talk session which aims to create a discourse on sustainability issues. The aim is to share ideas, inspire others, learn about challenges faced, celebrate successful efforts, and best practices. Each Bicara session is an open discourse, whereby participants get to acquire new knowledge about a subject field, listen to the thoughts and experiences of their peers, and share their own ideas.


Conducting talks and sharing sessions can at times be quite tedious, especially if the target audience has minimal interest on the matter at hand. Where the audience is not engaged, the talk can go on for hours without any real impact. On the other hand, for audiences with vast knowledge and expertise of the topic, it can sometimes be frustrating to take in everything the speaker has to offer and not be able to contribute to the topic of interest. This way, everybody losses out as ground breaking ideas and eye opening facts may have been kept locked up in the minds of the audience simply because the session was not engaging.

What We Can Provide


We instill awareness to the audience, which is an important step when it comes to behavior change. The implementation is convenience as we provide something that can be grasped easilywhile planting ideas into the audience's mind. We ensure the audience is engaged throughout and avoid the boredom associated with talks as the session is interactive, promoting a two way conversation rather than just a one way lecture.


Bicara is a break-a-way from typical, impersonal nature of constructed discussions. It creates a highly engaging platform that brings back the old memories of kampung style discussions which embodies warmth and togetherness. This breaks the complexities of global issues and make it comprehensible by regular Malaysians. The bicara sessions will invite the participants to sit bersila on the floor, accompanied with fair trade kopi o’ and crackers!

How Is This Service Provided?

Each session conducted with a maximum of 15-participants.Previous Bicara sessions have been conducted in topics related to:
- What is Sustainability?
- Environmental Conservation & Our Daily Life
- Sustainable Consumption & Production
- How to run a Sustainable Event?
- Tourism and Sustainability

Discussions will be generated through the use of of cards carrying inspirational pictures. Bicara sessions are a good tool to create awareness among general public on certain issues, to gain information on a topic of local expertise and a casual stakeholder engagement approach.

Is This Service Suitable For You?


If your company or organization is interested in conducting educational sessions which provide:
- Topics that are not too heavy (kampung style/ kedai kopi style)
- Quality engagement and the ability to capture the mindset of the audience
- Learning oppourtunities which allow the audience to benefit from a knowledge pool (of people from   diffrent background and understanding)
- Brainstorming sessions
- Promote social interaction amongst the audience

Then the Bicara session is exactly what you are looking for!

Case Study

Bicara has been successfully implemented with the Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) where the session forsaw the participatition of 30 participants (2 groups), including local authorities, officers, and local communities. The session made it possible to translate the topics of low carbon, green events and sustainability into layman’s terms. We created discourse on sustainable event curation to stimulate the minds of stakeholders and promoted knowledge sharing. This session broke the complexities of global issues and made it comprehensible for regular Malaysians.