Art Installations

Good Art is a fusion of imaginative power and technical skills. And in Biji Biji we believe in Art, but not any Art, we believe in Good Art. When meeting our clients we are all ears in translating their imagination into real, sometimes surreal, touchable Art works. We are highly equipped with an arsenal of local and International artists. Everyone with their own respectful recognized portfolio. As a social enterprise going green and creative, many of our art work involves either upcycled waste, or some organic components. It's not only our artists who are banging their heads in the art department, but our heavy metal/wood production team and engineering departments have a say in our art installations, and that’s where our art moves from being just an eye candy into being A sturdy, safe and calculated form. And Many of our installations included electronics, lights, sounds, kinetics and interactivity.When it comes to Art our motto here in Biji Biji is to always go beyond a typical brush and canvas.

Type of art services

Installation Art    Art installations done in indoor public spaces. Public Art    Art installations done for or in public open spaces. Land Art    Art form which combines landscape and work of art. Interactive Installation    Art form that creates interactive connection between spectator and work of art. Electronics Art     Art that incorporates electronic components.

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