Empowering Social Entrepreneurs to Drive Positive Change in Malaysia with SEAM

Partnership Between Biji-biji Initiative and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship

As we embark on this transformative journey with the Social Enterprise Accelerator Malaysia (SEAM), we are reminded of the countless opportunities that lie ahead. This partnership and co-creation of SEAM with IKEA Social Entrepreneurship, supported by IKEA Malaysia, is envisioned to catalyse the sustainable development of the social enterprise ecosystem and the empowerment of marginalised communities in Malaysia.

Bridging Gaps in the Social Enterprise Ecosystem

Social enterprises stand at the forefront of addressing social and environmental challenges, combining sustainable financial returns with long-lasting social impact. Despite the significant growth of social enterprises in Malaysia, we have witnessed many challenges faced by these enterprises in accessing essential resources and support systems needed to thrive. These gaps not only restrict our growth potential as an ecosystem but also limit our ability to tackle some of the most pressing social and environmental issues, including poverty, unemployment, social exclusion, deforestation, pollution, waste management, and the adverse effects of climate change.

Vision and Aspirations

With this effort, we have strong faith in its ability to fill the gaps in the ecosystem. Aligning with IKEA Social Entrepreneurship’s commitment to promoting a global movement for impactful change, Social Enterprise Accelerator Malaysia (SEAM) is set to drive significant transformation across Malaysia by providing valuable resources, networks, and financial support to industry players.

Play Your Part

As SEAM embarks on this transformative journey, we extend our hand to all stakeholders, including the government and private sector, to join in strengthening a culture of partnership across various sectors, promoting shared prosperity and a sustainable future.

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