Energy Hub

The Energy Hub is the solution to the issues that were discovered in the process of building the energy playground products from scratch. It works like a brain of the entire system and allows us to be more efficient. It’s also safer, easier to maintain and over time as we improve the product, the connectivity feature will enable us to be alerted in the event of any issues on site. The Energy Hub provides seamless installation, is more convenient and aesthetically-pleasing. 

The Energy Hub is designed to be modular, which makes it flexible in terms of its utilisation. It can have various applications, such as a permanent interactive energy playground that revolutionise conventional parks and bring it in step with the 21st century.

There are three pillars of sustainability; economy, environment and people. From the environmental aspect, the Energy Hub utilises renewable energy as there are no gas emissions or pollution with this device. From an economic standpoint, we aim to make it as affordable as possible and are currently looking into how we can make it even cheaper by exploring motor options. Last but not least, It’s accessible for people because everyone knows how to cycle and the product itself is user-friendly.